English Learners’ Page

Hello English Language Learners!

Find free lessons, quizzes, games, other activities in this section.  See below for information on what you will find in this site.

U.S. Immigrants and Refugees Page
Learn about other immigrants’ and refugees’ experiences from this page.
Resources for taking the U.S. Citizenship Exam

English Lessons (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced)
Learning should be fun!  This page includes links to free, on-line interactive video or quiz lessons, learning games, English conversation “chat” sites, job skills training, webinars (on-line teacher-student lessons), “real-life” dialogue and pronunciation videos and other sites for you to learn and practice your English language skills.

Conversation Skills
Listen to everyday conversations and learn how to speak in various situations.

Pronunciation Websites
Build your pronunciation skills using the websites on this page.

Grammar Lessons and Sites
Learn how to improve your writing skills by linking to websites featured on this page.

Feedback Form
Your suggestions and ideas are welcome!  Please tell me what you would like to see or have changed on this site using the comment form below.

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