English Pronunciation

It is almost impossible for adults to learn another language and “speak like a native”–that is, like the people who live where they do (since their are many English dialects).   This page is dedicated to offering you information and resources on how to speak well enough to be understood my native English speakers in the United States.  Some places in the United States may not have the same sounds as are taught in the sites listed below.  If this is the case, then you will need to listen (and watch!) how local residents say their vowel sounds and to the rhythm of their speech to more closely match how they speak.

Below are sites that offer free American English pronunciation lessons:


Rachel’s English (several YouTube Videos)

English with Jennifer (several YouTube Videos)
    VERY USEFUL for intermediate/advanced students:  Listeniing to Fast Speech Series

Learning the 44 Sounds of English (for beginning-level students)

English with Emma (for intermediate-advanced level students)

See the English Language Learner’s beginning-, intermediate- and advanced-level activity pages for specific pronunciation lessons.