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This Land is Your Land, This Land is (Not) My Land, was written by a woman who emmigrated to the U.S. from Bosnia as a young girl.   It’s sobering to think that many who come to the U.S. for refuge from terror, poverty and hopelessness in their homeland find conditions here in the U.S. to be intolerable as well.

It goes without saying that our President has only fueled the flames of hatred against immigrants and, I believe, all classes of people struggling to make a living, follow their non-Christian beliefs (and even Christian beliefs that espouse personal perspectives rather than condemning all those outside of one’s own), and get justice for the wrongs committed against them or security in their own communities.

I hope this article speaks to you as it did to me.

Source Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/merima-trako/this-land-is-your-land-th_b_10887418.html