I would like to ask you to share the poem below with as many people as you can so we can revive these principles and, in so doing, restore our country’s reputation as a place of refuge and where dreams are possible before it’s lost forever.   I believe we need to understand what people experience, foster cooperation over competition, and allow everyone a chance to shine, discover their unique qualities while appreciating what others have to offer–whatever that may be.  I also believe we should value all contributions and abilities, not only the “academic” skills so prized today.  Artists, caretakers, entrepeneurs, nonprofessional athletes, plumbers, mechanics, actors, beauticians, servers, customer service representatives deserve just as much appreciation and admiration for what they do as we currently give to the people who earn 10x as much–or more.

Please take time to thank those who give you joy and help you in some way–and to find out something about them. You may discover that you have something in common with them, learn something fascinating or make a new friend!


Source: All Ways Learning