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The Color Vowel Chart below mimics the tongue position used to produce the English vowel phonemes along with a mnemonic word clue and color to help remind learners how to make the sound.  Please access the site listed below to learn how to use it, to access the sounds from the interactive chart (click on the color to hear them) and for information on how to gain permission to use the chart in classroom settings.  (The authors also sell poster-sized versions of the chart for $5 and sell a pack of 50 “mini-charts” for student use $12.  Computer-generated sound files are available for free.)


Color Vowel Chart.  Copyright 2009, 2012.  Authors: Karen Taylor & Shirley Thompson.

Note:  This above image may not be reproduced in any form or by any means without the express permission of the authors. Address all inquiries to the authors.

Source: The Color Vowel Chart | American English