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Below are signed that students may benefit from using technology in the classroom:

  • Students who are deemed lazy or not paying attention can be empowered by technology to improve their focus and may become less frustrated by their language barriers.
  • If ELL/ESOL students can access assistive technology literacy tools and are allotted time to use them, they can improve their confidence and make reading and writing gains.
  • Using these tools, students who could not write a single word wrote detailed paragraphs and students who did not want to read a book became engaged readers.
  • Teachers who use assistive technologies will motivate students who are eager to demonstrate what they know.

View Jo Belyea-Doerrman’s complete research paper at http://www.jobdoer.net/doerrman/TAR.cfm

Source: Assistive Technology Tools Help ESL Learners Read and Write