Edutopia is one of my favorite teacher-resource sites.  Filmmaker George Lucas (creator of Star Wars) founded the nonprofit Gorge Lucas Foundation in 1991 to try to make schools a place students can thrive rather than be stifled.  As a creative and curious person growing up, he was often bored.  When his children were attending school, he decided to spread awareness about how to create a school curriculum than engaged and inspired children rather than stifled them.

I can relate to his experience–and feel the same way about the need to reform schools when they aren’t inspiring children to love learning because they find the process exciting, fascinating and purposeful.  This, afterall, is what education SHOULD be!! Below is one of many strategies offered to parents and teachers to help students take ownership in their own learning so that they can find meaning and joy in learning, and go after their interests!

Edutopia: When We Listen to Students