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The following FREE on-line courses are offered at the times listed below.  To take and other free classes, please go to ShareAmerica’s Advance Your Career page or click on the Source link below.  The ShareAmerica site also offers many other lessons for all English language learners.

English for Business and Entrepreneurship
November 2016
This MOOC is designed for entrepreneurs who want to work in the international arena. Learn the English you need to write business plans, conduct market research, and communicate with partners and customers around the world.

English for Journalism
February 2017
Are you an aspiring journalist who wants to inform a global public of important issues and events? Build the language skills needed for reading, drafting, editing and proofreading in English.

English for Career Development
November 2016 and April 2017
If you’re ready to launch an international career, this MOOC is for you. Master the English skills needed for resumé writing, networking and interviewing while learning about the job-application process in the U.S.

More courses coming in 2017:

English for Media Literacy
April and October 2017
Do you ever think about the role the media play and how they influence public opinion? Hone English skills tied to reading and evaluating sources of information, such as social media, blogs and newspapers.

English for STEM Fields
June and October 2017
Interested in studying science, technology, engineering or math (STEM)? Open doors to educational opportunities by learning English used in STEM-related fields.

Source: Advance your career with free English classes | ShareAmerica