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ESLgo.com offers the following on-line grammar and vocabulary classes for high-beginning English language learners.  Please click on the links next to each class to begin your lesson.  You can also find out more about the classes in general by clicking on the SOURCE link at the bottom of this post.

there is / there are – Grammar to describe a painting. 1. Study grammar: there is / there are. 2. Discuss art.

Correct Winky – Winky’s bad grammar from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. 1. Study grammar: subject/verb agreement. 2. Read and write messages on the forums.

My hobbies and interests – A brief self introduction. 1. Study grammar: present simple vs. present progressive. 2. Make friends on the Say Hi forum.

Richie and Nash – My cats (who are named Richie and Nash. 1. Study grammar: comparisons with adjectives. 2. Read and write messages about pets.

SOURCE:  ESLgo.com List of High Beginning-Level Exercises