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The State of the Union\’s Education | EdSurge News:

Summary of President Obama’s statements on education in his last State of the Union address, which he gave last night:

  1. Endorsed early childhood education for disadvantaged families through updated  “No Child Left Behind” act
  2. Credited STEM curriculum for offering opportunities to “high-paying jobs” and for helping to increase the high school graduation rate
  3. Stressed need for more “hands-on” computer science and math courses so new workers could be “job ready” on Day One
  4. Pushed to reduce percentage of income required to pay back student loans (currently at 10%)
  5. Sponsors legislation that would allow “responsible students” to attend two years of community college for free as well as increase the number for community colleges

Click on the link below to access a more detailed summary of his talk and, for those of you who want full access to his talk, to its transcript.

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State of Union Address 01/12/16

State of Union Address 01/12/16

Source: The State of the Union\’s Education | EdSurge News