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Happy New Year! 

If you haven’t completed (or begun) your goals for this year yet, I have a suggestion for you:  Help me “fine-tune” this website by answering the questions below.  Click on the “Leave a Commentlink to submit your feedback for improving this site.

How can this site be improved?

  1. What changes, if any, would you recommend for this site?
  2. What lessons do you like and not like on this page?
  3. What blogs (articles) do you like and not like on this page?
  4. What topics would you like to read about?
  5. What is your learning style (see list below)?
    *Logical-Mathematical (science, engineering, solving puzzles) 
    *Interpersonal (psychology, sociology, interacting with others)*Musical (playing instruments, singing, listening to music)*Naturalistic (plants and animals, outdoor activities, nature
    *Visual/Spacial (creative arts, maps, seeing how things work)*Intrapersonal (self-aware, goal-oriented, enjoys self-study)
    *Body Movement/Kinesthetic (dance, acting, sports, “doing things”)
    *Aural-Linguistic (listening, writing, creative expression, reading)*Existential (philosopher, activist, clergy, spiritual, seeks meaningful life)

Thank you for helping me build and improve this site!   (NOTE: Your comments and suggestions will be posted on this page after I read them.)