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The websites below are invaluable educational resources for language teachers and even teachers in general.  I hope you find them as useful for you as they are for me!

Bilash’s Success-Guided Language Instructional Model (B-SLIM)
Dr. Olenka Bilash’s B-SLIM instructional method incorporates scaffolding (graduated skill-building) at each phase of a lesson or series of lessons for both self-directed and instruction-based adult learning styles. Professor Bilash’s website offers a plethora of useful teaching tools, which can be accessed through her “The Tree: Linking Theory and Practice” page or by topic on her navigation bar.

Krashen’s 6 Hypotheses
Dr. Stephen Krashen proposes that adults learn a new language faster when they can use what they’re learning–or plan to use it.   This and Dr. Krashen’s website outline the following hypotheses: Acquisition-Learning, Monitor Natural Order, Input, Affective Filter, and Reading/Comprehension.  His latest article, “The End of Motivation” (Krashen S. New Routes 55: 34-35, 2015), is a great summary of his overall perspective toward how people learn best.